clothes rack of 3/4" steelpipe


This clothing rack strikes with refreshing stylish aspects and provides lots of space for your clothes.
Choose between the available hanging lengths of 100 and 160 cm and find the model that best suits your living space!

Add a cool lamp or a hanging plant or just accessorize our model 'Decent' according to your personality!


Available in various colourways.



 see below

clothes rack "Decent", measure: 110/170x165x45cm, weight: 12,00 kg

120,00 €

  • 12 kg
  • verfügbar
  • 5 - 8 Tage Lieferzeit

product information and colour selection


hanging length 2x 50cm (100cm)

ca. L110xH165xD45cm

available in hanging length 100 and 160cm

Your order will arrive at yours partially preassembled - but no worries,
the added mounting instructions are  super simple to follow and execute.


product image:  raw/waxed hanging length 100cm

Choose the finish that fits you best!

Either raw or in colour, it's up to you!

Let us know your desired colour in the comment section (anmerkungen) upon order completion.
Delivery of colourway models can take up to 4 weeks.

Choose between the colours below:

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